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About Us

We are Fast River.

And we make music for your ears.

Fast River is an independent band from Connecticut, the hotbed of musicality and culture in the United States. Known for its proximity to other, more interesting states with more interesting things going on in them (the maple syrup in Vermont and the general distaste for governmental authority in New Hampshire), Connecticut remains a bastion of all things banal.

Still, it’s where we come from and it’s where we make the tunes.

We’re a band of many genres – indie rock, folk, singer/songwriter, all rolled into one. We follow the inspiration wherever it takes us & we enjoy making records together.

Having our own studio to record in makes life infinitely easier – it allows us to work quickly & efficiently while also paving the way for custom work with TV/film producers – a big part of our daily life as musicians.

Our first record, Fox Trot at the Rock and Roll Show, was released on May 19th, 2021.

Our second record, Revelry, is currently being released with a new single every month starting in September of 2021!

Listen to us wherever you get your music or by clicking our linktree link here:

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Who Are We?

A quick behind-the-scenes with (some of) the members of Fast River.

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‘Stuck in the Middle’

A music video for the first song off of our first record, Fox Trot at the Rock and Roll Show.

“Lover in the Daytime”

An acoustic performance of this song that we wrote that you can listen to.